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Adjuncts To Learning

Industrial Exposures:

Industrial exposure forms an integral part of all courses and built a high quality education. To prepare students for exciting and rewarding career, we provide perfect opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the studies by taking our students to the concerned industries for the exposure and gain the industrial and market knowledge.

Personality Development:

All the designers need to have an inspiring personality. And that what VIFT motivates to do VIFT plays an active role in creating ample scope & opportunities for the students. The qualities such as leadership, confidence, and communication skills are inculcated in each and every student.

Cultural and Sports:

The institute organizes several cultural as well as sports activities for the students. The students participates in events and games, as by doing so they learn the skills of creativity, leadership and team work. A complete plan is prepared to facilitate more students to take part in program of their choice. There are various intercollege competitions and festive celebrations in the campus.

Excursions and Tours:

Industrial cum recreational tours are a common phenomenon here at the institute. The students are taken to trips, hotels, picnic spots and similar places for the purpose of combining education and entertainment. The student also gets exposed to the latest trends prevailing in the industry.