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Campus Life


The Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution; before regular classes start. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed. VIFT organises a grand one-week induction program in the beginning of the session.


Our Team is dedicated towards guiding students for their better future. VIFT is not only a college but a helping hand for today’s youth.

Freshers' Party:

Fresher's party is a gracious and a cordial welcome by the second-year students to the first-year students. It is an event where freshers are not only given a chance to exhibit their talents but also feel comfortable and adapt to the new surroundings. In the year 2022, Team of students organised a beautiful “Retro Night” event for the freshers.


A memorable as well as joyful day for students. Every year VIFT organises one day picnic in the season of spring. Students enjoys the beauty of city of lakes Udaipur and surroundings. It also increases bonding between the students.

Activity Day:

Every Saturday, College organises an activity for 360-degree development of students. So many external experts visit VIFT every Saturday to provide training, guidance and activity for the students. We believe in overall development of students and Programs life Soft n’ Life skills increase the potential growth of students.

Creative Week:

At the end of year, our team organises a one-week cultural fest called Creative week. It is a theme-based event in which students participate and perform to showcase their talent. In 2021, the theme was ‘Halloween’ and in 2022, students celebrated this mesmerising event with the theme ‘Tribe’. Along with this, students also celebrated Christmas and distributed gifts to each other.


One of the most beautiful Hindu festivals celebrated annually in August or September in honour of the birth of Krishna. VIFT respectfully celebrates this sweet festival with lots of joy and traditional dance activities.


A dance form which is performed in Navratras and devoted to ‘Goddess Durga’is a festival especially celebrated in the vicinity of Gujrat. VIFT believes in cultural integrity and organises all the festivals for cultural blend.

Sports Day:

Sports bring sense of discipline team spirit and confidence. We at VIFT encourage students to participate in sport activities which helps them in their overall development and also act as a stress buster and regnovates them in all ways of life.

Industrial Visit:

An exposure to practical world helps the students to gain the knowledge to exhibit their skills which they learn in their curriculum. Regular visits to industries make them aware of the procedure to apply the theoritical aspect to practical know how.

Excursion Tour:

It enhances knowledge and understanding and promotes teamwork and social skills. It encourages independent learning and provides a break from the monotony of classroom learning. Beside this, such tours provide exposure to new cultures and environments.

Fashion Show:

The fashion industry has been changing with time and new trends. Everyone in today’s era, fashion field has been gaining huge popularity.Fashion shows are the most thrilling and glamorous events for designers to showcase their skills and creativity. It is one of the most common events of the design college. VIFT organises fashion shows on varied and amazing themes.

Celebrity Visit:

Celebrity visits are one of the few attractions at the college which students eagerly wait for and attend such events with great enthusiasm. Bollywood amd other celebrities visit the college, where their aura and skills provide practical vision towards the glamour world. Being a mass communcation college, such visits are not only essential but a real path paver for the future building of our wards.